Professional interpreters are absolutely »essential«
for business negotiations or conferences with participants from different countries

Types of Interpretation

The interpretation is provided with a time delay. As the speaker talks, the interpreter makes notes and then translates the speech into the desired language. This type of interpretation is ideal for discussions involving a small number of participants, such as negotiations with potential customers.

This type of interpretation requires audio technology. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth, listens to the contributors through headphones and interprets the target language simultaneously. The conference participants listen to the interpreter through headphones.

This type of interpretation does not require audio technology. It is only suitable for a maximum of two people. In this case, the interpreter sits behind the listeners and translates the words spoken into the target language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do interpreters need reference materials in advance?

Interpreters do not have the time to search for terminology in a dictionary or online. They have to provide a correct translation into the target language without delay. If they cannot familiarize themselves with the subject and themes of the event beforehand, that is simply impossible.

Can one interpreter alone deal with a day of negotiations or a hearing?

No! For simultaneous interpretation, the interpreters switch around after 20 minutes at most. For consecutive interpretation, two interpreters take turns in consultation with each other.

What are the costs involved?

The actual interpretation is billed based on daily rates (or based on half-daily rates in exceptional cases). Travel costs and expenses are also charged.

Can I book an interpreter by the hour?

Not for on-site interpreters, because the expenses involved in preparation and travel make it unfeasible, although telephone interpreters are available for shorter service periods. However, it is not possible to carry out preparatory work in this case, which has a negative effect on quality.

Can I cancel an interpreter assignment?

As a basic principle, the full agreed fee (not including travel costs and expenses) must be paid if the assignment is canceled after concluding the contract unless the interpreter can find a different assignment and waives the fee.

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