Technical Translation

We provide translations for businesses in the fields of technology, economy and law.

Eule Lokalisierung GmbH supplies technical translations for a wide variety of sectorsranging across machine and plant engineering, print technology, medical technology and IT hardware and software. The expertise we require to do so is varied:


Linguistic Expertise

Translators and reviewers should deliver a translation that does not read like a translation. It should sound like the text was created in the target language. To achieve that, they must have an excellent understanding of the source language and excellent writing skills in their mother tongue.

Technical Expertise

A quality translation is not possible without an understanding of the content to be translated. With that in mind, we select our translators based on their specialist knowledge.

Quality Assurance Processes

To strive for linguistic quality is a noble cause. Controlled processes help to avoid and, where necessary, correct errors. For our certification according to ISO 17100, we have structured and documented our processes and procedures in detail.


Maintaining Formats

Translated manuals, operating instructions, tendering documents, and so on, must have the exact same structure as their originals. We follow the instructions and guidelines of our customers precisely with that aim in mind. Likewise, when translating software, we ensure that there are no adverse effects on program structures.

Technical Language

The use of the right technical language and customer terminology, and its consistent application, is of vital importance in technical translation. This ensures, for instance, that manuals and help texts accurately reflect what the user can see on a user interface, or that spare parts lists match their corresponding operating instructions.

Ingo Schumann
Your Contact Partner for Technical Translations

Ingo Schumann is responsible for the management of technical and IT translation projects at Eule. He is the contact partner for product managers, documentation managers and decision makers in the field of business translation who wish to adapt their products and documentation for international markets. Ingo graduated from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in 1996 and became a specialist in Microsoft localization projects with high translation volumes in the 90s. He initially worked as a translator for S&D (which was purchased by International Communications in 1998) and later worked as a PM, Senior PM and Business Unit Manager for Lionbridge Germany. He has had a stake in Eule Lokalisierung since its foundation in 2005 and nowadays advises clients, develops localization strategies and implements multilingual products. His four wonderful daughters provide his daily stress training and joy at the same time.

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