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Consistent terminology is essential for establishing a common corporate language and helping to avoid misunderstandings. It also provides the basis for the high-quality translation of your corporate content into other languages.

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We record your terminology and make it available to every stakeholder in your company to ensure that everyone is speaking the same language and to keep your communication consistent. Standardized terminology — illustrated through images, definitions and context-based examples — forms the cornerstone for the consistent translation of corporate content for global players. We use industry-leading tools and work according to best practices in our terminology work.

In-house — In the cloud — Hosted by the service provider

Terminology has to be easily available for all employees and stakeholders. This can be achieved by means of an application, in the intranet, in a (secure!) cloud solution, or by means of a protal solution hosted by the service provider. We can offer advice on the best solution for your needs.
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz
Our Consultant in the Field of Terminology
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz was Full Professor of Terminology Studies and Managing Director of the Institute for Information Management at Cologne University of Applied Sciences in Germany from 1992 to 2017. He is a member of multiple terminology organizations and author of countless publications. He works as a consultant for the Cologne branch of Eule Lokalisierung GmbH in the field of terminology management. Thus, he remains associated with the company he co-founded, Prologos Sprachendienste GmbH, following its takeover by Eule Lokalisierung GmbH.
Anke Büchel
Your Contact Partner for Terminology Projects

Anke Büchel began her path through the localization industry while studying translation at TH Köln — University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany. After a brief period working as a project manager and translator, she founded her own company alongside two colleagues in 1998, where she was a managing partner for nearly 20 years. In 2018, she moved to Eule Lokalisierung GmbH and now leads the Cologne branch of the company as CEO.

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